The LA Pediatric Readiness Project (LA Peds Ready) is a multi-phase quality improvement initiative which provides all Los Angeles County emergency departments (ED)  the essential guidelines and resources to provide effective emergency care to children. This project is a partnership between the federal EMS for Children program, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS), Los Angeles County EMS Agency, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Emergency Physicians, and the Emergency Nurses Association. 

In Los Angeles County, several hospital EDs are approved for care of children.  These are known as Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP). 

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A copy of mock policy resources are found by clicking on each link.

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The LA Peds Ready Program offers a wide range of  online activities that are convenient and available 24 hours a day. Trainees can track their progress and completion of assignments.

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