We assist health care providers in delivering high quality and evidence supported emergency care to all children.

Clinical Care Resources

This area contains information on various practice guidelines and evidence for the care of children in the emergency department.

Clinical Practice Pathways

This area contains evidence supported and standardized guidelines for treatment and care of common pediatric emergency and acute presentations.

Evidence and Literature

This area contains publications that help shape the practice of pediatric emergency care. It will be frequently updated with the most recent articles.

National Readiness Assessment

This area provides a web link to the performance scores and participation of hospitals by state and territory in the Pediatric Readiness Project.

Nursing Practice Resources

This area contains tools and resources that provide specific administrative and educational material to assist nurses in the care of injured or ill children.

Policies & Procedures

This area contains articles and policy recommendations addressing pediatric emergency and urgent care.

Practice Guidelines

This area contains policy statements and recommendations from the professional societies with jurisdiction over pediatric care.

Procedure Competency

This page currently links to the WikEM procedures page.

Quality Improvement Resources

This area contains tools for conducting chart review, as well as documents to aid in case analysis and feedback for pediatric providers.