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Quality Improvement Resources

In this section, we have provided a series of content in topics related to emergency department operations efficiency...

Clinical Practice Pathways

In this section, we have included many of the most common pediatric emergency medicine clinical pathways...

Policies & Procedures

This is a growing section and we have provided a few of the relevant policies and procedures that have been subject of national discussion...

Ongoing Education

In this section, we have included a link to upcoming national conferences that are relevant to pediatric emergency medicine...

LA Peds Ready Toolkit is part of the
Los Angeles County Pediatric Readiness Project.

What is the LA Peds Ready Toolkit?

The LA Pediatric Readiness Project (LA Peds Ready) is a multi-phase quality improvement initiative which provides all Los Angeles County emergency departments(ED) the essential guidelines and resources to provide effective emergency care to children.

What is an Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP)?

EDAPs are hospitals that voluntarily meet specific standards established for the care of children aged 14 years and under. The hospitals have pediatric-sized equipment and specially trained staff to address children’s unique medical needs.

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